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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Limited Edition Collectibles are our passion!We have been in the collectibles business since 1977. We buy & sell new and previously cherished, collectible plates; but that is not all. We also sell figurines, christmas ornaments, music boxes, and decorative display accessories for displaying or storing all of your fabulous collectibles.On our site,, you can find fine art collectibles at fair market prices.If you collect angels, then visit our Sandra Kuck angels page for some of the most enchanting angels you have ever seen.If you collect native american indian art, you won't want to miss our Gregory Perillo page or our Jonnie Chardonne page for breathtaking, realistic representations of that culture. You will also find Gregory Perillo's indian war ponies and other horses by Trevor Swanson. That page also contains farm animal art that you are sure to enjoy. If you collect wild life art, then we have it all. You will find African wildlife as well as wildlife from all over the world in the artistic works of Kimberly and Trevor Swanson. There is so much to show you that it took several pages to fit it all in, but we categorized it logically to make it easier to find whatever. Try our Nature page first. Then you will find more small and big cats on our Cats page. You will also find more dogs and wolves on our Dogs and Wolves page. Of course we have birds! From the american eagles, swans, and birds of prey to the backyard varieties on our Birds page. You can find movie stars on our Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne pages or you can add the ambiance of the sea or sky to your decor with Lighthouse Art and Hot Air Balloons . If you like sports or clowns, then you will love Ron Lee's whimsical clown art. You will also find the famous Mickey Mantle Commemorative plate on our special occasions page. There are so many artists represented on our site that we could never list them all on this page, but you can find any of our artists, plate names, plate series names, or plate manufacturers names on our Plate List page. The extensive list you will find there can be resorted by each category for your convenience by clicking on the category title. We do feature some of the most popular artists such as Bessie Pease Gutmann, Marty Bell, Edna Hibel, Norman Rockwell, and Other Reco Artists by giving them art picture gallery pages to display their work. However, there was so much art work from Sandra Kuck that her plates had to be categorized. You will find her captivating childrern scenes; her special occasion art work such as her Wedding and Christening plates; Her Mother's Day plates; and her enchanting Christmas and winter artwork plates. Of course, as above, you will definately find her mesmerizing angel artwork plates. We also feature the sophisticated, worldly art of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondhal .If you need accessories for your collection, we have it all from plate frames; cup and saucer stands; plate and sports display cases; plate, platter, and bowl easel stands; platerails and plate racks; and wall hangers to dinnerware storage cases. And don't forget our figurine, ornament, and musical jewelry box pages where you will find the art of Sandra Kuck, Trevor Swanson, Norman Rockwell and many others.If you share our passion for collecting, we welcome you to come and explore our web site. We are always happy to talk with you and to answer any of your questions.


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Collectible gifts for your home decor including Limited Edition plates, figurines & statues , ornaments, museum reproductions & authentic replicas, ceramic & earthenware vase, mirrors, jewelry and trinket boxes, chess sets, and decorative display accessories.

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